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De Stip International does her utmost to keep your costs as low as possible. We work with several transport companies which are specialized in delivering products all over Europe.


After we have received your complete order, we will contact the transport company and inform what the delivery costs will be.


Remarks on delivery:

  • Delivery costs are related to the order and destination
  • For delivery on islands there will be a surcharge.
  • For delivery in cities, not accessible for a big truck, there will be a surcharge.

Please contact us for a quote. We deliver in any country you like.



Of course you are always welcome to send your own transport company to collect the goods if that suits you better. We will make sure that our specialized team carefully packs your goods. Small items are put into boxes as much as possible. Pallets will be sealed with plastic.


Please let us know up front if your goods can be loaded on a pallet or not. We also need to know the maximum height of the pallet and if you need fumigated pallets.



De Stip International is experienced in packing and loading containers for worldwide delivery of your purchased goods. All goods you purchase, are competently packed with the best materials to avoid possible shipping damage.



De Stip International can arrange all necessary documents. Depending on the country, extra documents may be required such as a certificate of origin. We can arrange these documents for you at a surcharge. Before we do so, we will inform you about these extra costs. Be aware: regulations differ from country to country so we advise you to contact your local forwarder.

Please note: it's the responsibility of the customer to inform us in time about the needed documents. Arranging special documents may take some time. Inform us well in advance to avoid any delay.