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The term "other party" is understood to mean any (legal) person with whom De Stip International B.v.b.a. has concluded or wishes to conclude an agreement


1. All prices are exclusive of VAT and are Ex Works/Ex Warehouse, unless agreed otherwise in writing.

2. If one or more cost components are subject to an increase after the date of the agreement, which could not reasonably have been foreseen at the time of the agreement, De Stip International B.v.b.a. shall be entitled to increase the agreed price accordingly, with due observance of any existing statutory provisions in respect thereof, on the understanding that any future price increases are stipulated with the order confirmation.


1. Unless otherwise agreed, a deposit of 30% is required on submission of the order confirmation. The remainder is payable either net cash upon delivery, or by payment or transfer to a bank account nominated by De Stip International B.v.b.a. prior to delivery. De Stip International B.v.b.a. does not accept payments by cheque.

2. Any payment made by the other party will primarily serve as payment of the amount by it and debt collection costs and/or administrative expenses incurred by De Stip International B.v.b.a., and will subsequently be deducted from the oldest outstanding claim.

3. De Stip International reserves the right to contact a collection agency after the expiry of the payment term. The additional collection costs are charged to the other party.


1. Unless otherwise agreed, the delivery time shall be the moment at which the items are dispatched from the warehouse of De Stip International B.v.b.a.. Delivery will be carriage paid only if and to the extent as so agreed and stated by De Stip International B.v.b.a. in the order confirmation or otherwise.

2. The stated delivery time is indicative only and is not binding upon De Stip International B.v.b.a., unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing.

3. All freight, import and export duties, customs clearance costs, taxes or other levies shall be borne by the other party.

4. Delivery shall go no further than placement on the threshold of the agreed delivery address. The other party is responsible for taking delivery and receipt of the goods.

5. When part of an order is ready, De Stip International B.v.b.a. may, at its discretion, either deliver this part at that time or deliver it when the entire order is ready. Should the former be the case, all invoices relating to partial delivery must be settled within the term of payment stipulated in these general terms and conditions, unless otherwise agreed in writing with the other party.

6. In the event that De Stip International B.v.b.a is unable to fulfill its obligations, it shall forthwith inform the other party accordingly, stating the expected duration of the delay in the delivery. In no event will late delivery entitle the other party to claim compensation.